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Established in 2002, Sugarvine is the nation’s most comprehensive online dining directory featuring restaurant profiles, special offers, reviews, features, competitions and online booking. One of the very first dining guides to hit the web, Sugarvine has always been ahead of the curve.

Keen to sustain their position at the forefront of the industry, they gave Motionlab a very simple brief – to oversee a thorough redevelopment of the current Sugarvine website to a) give diners the ultimate guide to eating out in their area and b) give restaurateurs greater means of promoting their business to potential diners via the site.

The Approach

In total, around a third of a million restaurant listings needed to sit within the site – this was an intricate project that took several months to complete.

Amongst the many powerful features that we integrated into the platform is a dynamic filtering map that takes inspiration from Expedia,, Airbnb etc. Data throughout the site is structured more effectively, more searchable and consistent, enabling users to filter with ease to find the exact dining experience they desire.

Diners too now have the unique ability to search for any current offers and events at eateries in their area and can get inspirational dining ideas thanks to a wholly image-focused inspirations section – a visual feast for the eyes.

From a restaurateur’s perspective, all imagery, offers and events displayed on the profiles of premium-listed restaurateurs are pulled in directly from their social channels. AI devices were utilised to make any offers unique and trackable.

We also added the capacity for booking forms on the dedicated pages for premium-listed restaurateurs to be tied in with the booking forms on their own respective platforms when compatible.

Data can be more easily fed to restaurateurs to show when their Sugarvine profile is receiving good traction.

In total, around a third of a million restaurant listings needed to sit within the site - this was an intricate and technically complex project that took several months to complete.

The Outcomes

Many have coined the new Sugarvine website the “TripAdvisor of the restaurant world” as diners increasingly make it their go-to guide for finding quality restaurants locally at home or on the move.

Restaurateurs have capitalised on its success upon its relaunch with premium-listed members rising from around 50,000 at go live to the present figure of over 77,000.


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