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How to compete in one of the fastest growing markets in the UK


Established just before the millenium Helio Fitness is a network of gyms across Lancashire, which provides all aspects of fitness, health and wellbeing through its personal trainers, scheduled fitness classes and nutritional advice. In order to keep up with the ever growing competition in the health and fitness industry, Helio needed to update its online presence.

With major national competitors moving into its areas Helio not only needed a new website to inform existing customers about the gyms services but an uplift in new customers to take advantage of one of the UK’s fastest growing markets.

The Approach

The website required location specific landing pages, integration with the existing online new customer portal and fitness class booking systems as well as a general content refresh.

From diligent market research it soon became clear that in order to keep up with market trends, a brand refresh would be required. This included updating the existing branding and photography, a key element in a very visual market.

In a saturated market finding the gyms USP was essential; the friendly and approachable gym was missing on a local level. The brand adapted to this gap in the market to become the place to go for fitness advice, to see real success stories and to find inspiration, displayed on the new website and through educational blog articles.

Additional leads through strategic lead generating digital marketing were acquired through pay per click advertising, an increased social media presence via paid social adverts and boosted content, alongside a series of targeted emails to warm leads.

Attracting new gym members can be difficult when we don’t have national marketing budgets to play with. Innovative and creative tactics were executed in order to keep up with the big players.

The Outcomes

An abundance of positive feedback from existing members regarding the new website was received. They loved seeing members of their gym and fitness teams all over the website, making the website instantly more relatable and personal.

New member sign ups increased significantly, and with a saving of £16.73 per lead generated in 2018 v 2017, increased profitability ensued. Year on year website users increased by 42% due to the targeted online campaigns to drive traffic, highlighting the impact online marketing can have when paired alongside a brand new, fit for purpose website.


Increase in website users year on year


Saved on every lead generated in 2018 vs 2017

3 Million

Social media impressions


Average email click rate (2.9% industry average)

Other Work

Other Work

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