Campbells Caravans

Building on a peerless heritage to put Campbells Caravans in the driving seat in the new and used caravan and motorhome sector.


Campbells Caravans is a family run Lancashire-based dealership offering the very latest caravans & motorhomes from some of the UK’s biggest dealers, including well known brands such as Lunar, Bailey and Swift.

With a client base spanning across Lancashire and West Yorkshire, Campbells also supplies a great selection of pre-owned models, awnings & accessories.

Motionlab was given the brief of engaging new audiences to the brand and widening its reach.

The Approach

Campbells has been a family run business since 1959 and is presently managed by the two grandsons of the original founder, Barney Campbell.

With an obvious strong emphasis on family values, our brand refresh focussed on accentuating that caravanning/motorhoming is the perfect outdoor family pastime while communicating how it can be achieved affordably thanks to Campbells many finance packages.

This vision inspired the strapline “There’s a whole world out there, go find it!” Much of the creative supporting this messaging centres on families embracing the adventurous lifestyle that caravanning/motorhoming opens up.

The firm also acquired an additional showroom in Blackburn soon after our appointment as marketing partners to strengthen its business capabilities and we oversaw a launch campaign to drive local awareness of the new site.

This took the form of a family fun day where we enlisted the help of local superbike legend and caravan connoisseur, Carl Fogarty, to cut the red ribbon.

A targeted campaign focussing on driving traffic to the website and footfall was established in the lead-up to the event including the utilising of both demographic and geographical targeting across PPC and social media.

These are channels that we are continuously exploiting together with web content, email and display marketing etc. to raise and extend Campbell’s profile. For this to be successful, an essential component in the overall marketing mix was the redevelopment of Campbells’ existing web platform. The fluid, modernised website efficiently showcases their extensive stock and better caters to the needs of passionate and aspiring caravanners everywhere.

Much of the creative produced centres on families embracing the adventurous lifestyle that caravanning/motorhoming opens up.

The Outcomes

Our inherent creativity, web design capabilities and the multi-channel digital campaign we have employed since taking on the Campbells’ account has extended their share of voice in the caravan and motorhome market.


Cost per web enquiry reduced Y.O.Y


Increase to website social visits


Increase in enquiries

2 million

Ad impressions

Other Work

Other Work

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