Conversion Optimisation through 'Testing'

Improving end user experiences and driving every opportunity to convert website leads.

Split Testing

When visiting a website it’s important the user receives the best experience possible and that every opportunity is taken to encourage them to enquire or buy. At Motionlab, we have a team of analysts who use software to track and analyse how users interact with your site.

Using this data we then run controlled tests showing different users variations of the same web page to see which variation performs best. We apply these learnings into the re-structuring or re designing of key pages – we don’t make a change unless the data backs up the fact that it will improve overall conversion.

Core Conversion Optimisation services:

✔︎  Heatmaps & Click Maps

✔︎  A/B Testing

✔︎  Split URL Tests

✔︎  Multivariate Testing


Key Stats


of B2B marketers say conversation rate is the most important metric when analysing landing page performance


of businesses are dissatisfied with their website conversation rate


of companies use split testing software

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