Don’t lose sales, be ready for Google’s new update

Launching NOW, Google's new update is introducing Page Experience, but if you're not ready you will lose out

What is Page Experience?

Page experience is every aspect of how your potential customers interact with your website – the good, the bad, and the ugly. It includes Google search signals, like mobile-friendliness, self-browsing, and HTTPS, plus metrics in Google’s web vitals that relate to a sites loading speed, interactivity, and stability.

So, what does this mean for me & do I need to do anything?

YES, if your site is not optimised for this update – if it isn’t fast, great on mobiles, and secure (e.g. HTTPS with an SSL) – then you’ll soon see your rankings drop, followed closely by your traffic, enquiries, and then sales. However, it is possible to prevent this by making changes to your website now before your rankings drop. Contact Motionlab today and we’ll produce a report for you on exactly what needs changing on your website.


Don't let your competitors steal your sales!

In previous major Google updates, we’ve seen 1 in 3 clients, who have not prepared for the update, see their sales drastically drop. So, action on your site is needed ASAP. Getting advice from experts is a necessity and that’s where we step in – Motionlab, the no BS, just results agency! For a fixed price, we’ll analyse, test & benchmark your website then provide you with a detailed report of what changes need to be made.

The choice is then yours to either make those changes yourself OR ask us and we will do the hard work for you so you can relax & keep enjoying those sales.

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So, go ahead, maintain and improve your rankings to ensure you get those all-important sales.


Step 1

We’ll go through what’s good and what’s not about your site along with what needs doing.

Step 2

Let us do the hard work – sit back a relax whilst we get your site ready.

Step 3

 Watch those sales figures increase.