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Creative. Digital. Marketing. since 2004

Motionlab are a digital design and marketing agency that has a very unhealthy obsession with data, trends, customer insights, tracking, analytics, heatmaps, social monitoring, behaviours... well, you get the picture. We provide a full service design and marketing solution that drives leads, sales and brand awareness for our clients.

Creative. Digital. Marketing.

  • Breathing life into your brand

    Today a brand is the visible and emotional connection you make with your customers.  It's the conversation between supplier and buyer. It's the way your team and your customers feel about your business. Your brand stands for everything you want your business to be. We help you define, rationalise and deliver your brand across all channels. 

  • Be everywhere all the time

    Marketing needs to be much more than a pretty website and a brochure. It has to flow through all marketing channels and it has to exist at every touch point the customer reacts to. Your marketing needs to live and breathe across print, web, ambient, TV, radio and social. We work with you to join up your marketing, delivering your brand to your customer wherever and whenever they're looking.

  • Connecting customers to your brand

    A conversation is the dialogue between people. In marketing terms this conversation is extremely important to create brand awareness, loyalty and customer aquisition. We delve deep into your business sector to drill out the switches your customers require to make them join your 'gang'. We keep the conversation going.

  • Making smart decisions

    Our talented online marketing teams analyse and monitor everything happening on a daily basis for our clients, delivering information that determines effectiveness and customer engagement. We use this information to deliver 'smart' decisions for our clients. By being smart we can ensure our creative and strategic decisions are as effective as they can be.

  • Big Data Marketing

    Results, results, results, it's what matters. We love to be creative and we love nice things for our portfolio but if it doesn't work then what's the point? Our solutions are based on a real life understanding of your marketplace and your customers. We use our extensive knowledge of all creative marketing to develop a happy balance between beauty and purpose.

Darts match thumb

‘Darts Match’ Arrows Past 100k Downloads

Our debut mobile game ‘Darts Match’ has proved a global hit after it topped the landmark figure of 100k downloads just four weeks after release; 118,539 and counting to be precise.

social media customer service

Hello, @Customer, How Can I #Help You Today?

When you tell people that you work with social media they immediately picture you spending your day tweeting funny pictures and browsing Facebook, the reality is very different. Running a brand’s social media account is so much different to running a personal one. One major difference is the audience; we’ve reached a stage where customers expect a level of service via social media channels that’s akin to that they would receive in person. A few points to consider:

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Two More High-Profile Awards For The FIT Show

A third trip to London for a major awards event once again proved fruitful for team Motionlab and the organisers of The FIT Show after the exhibition took away two prizes at the Exhibition News Awards.

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Motionlab To Help Launch Further National Industry Showcase

After successfully helping fashion an award-winning trade show for the glazing industry, digital agency Motionlab has been set a further and arguably even tougher creative challenge, re-establishing a national showpiece for the building and construction sector.

Is Social Media Bad for Sports?

Social media. It’s something that a great deal of people, not only in the UK, but around the world use on a daily basis. Whether it be [...]